Friday, August 22, 2008

Saturday with Maury

Readers in Cleveland, be sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 8am for Maury's Market on WERE-AM (1490).
Maury Feren has been a fixture on the Cleveland business scene for decades. He's best known as an expert on the food industry, but he also likes to interview book authors.
And that's where we come in. Even though our book isn't about edible pitas, we're sure there will be some lively conversation about the different PITA types!


Lori Cates Hand said...

Update from Bob:

Maury just loved our book ... thought it captures all of the different types of difficult people in the workplace ... loves the famous PITAs, for they help the readers understand each type better ... also loves the work scenarios that we offer, as they bring the PITA types to life as well ... agrees that coworkers need a heightened self-awareness, that too many don't own their mistakes and deficiencies ... He asked how realistic it is for employees to analyze their coworkers;  I told him that we have included concrete strategies that anybody can employ, so no need to serve as a therapist.

Anonymous said...

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