Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Sampler Platter of Honorable-Mention PITAs

In addition to the seven primary PITA types, we've identified a bunch of other annoying PITAs you might work with. They are the following:

  • The Moldy PITA: That coworker who is resistant to change, hiding out in his or her office doing the same old, same old.
  • The Cheesy PITA: Those person who makes your stomach turn by constantly using all the cheesy, catch-phrase-of-the-year words like “synergy” or “seamless transition.”
  • The Hot-n-Spicy PITA: The coworker who is overly dramatic and highly emotional. Everything’s a major moment and a big deal.
  • The Loaded PITA: Involved in everything and can’t say “no” to anything.
  • The To-Go PITA: Similar to the Loaded PITA, the To-Go PITA is constantly on the run. The difference, however, is that the To-Go PITA isn’t on the run because he took on too much; he's on the run because he was born this way and knows only one speed: high gear.
  • The Porta-PITA: Just like a porta-potty, the Porta-PITA is full of crap. Porta-PITAs exaggerate points, embellish stories, and make lame excuses.
  • The BLT PITA: Part of the Cheesy PITA family. But instead of using annoying catch phrases, the BLT PITA annoys people by overusing acronyms, making everything sound like alphabet soup.
  • The Overcooked PITA: Belabors points, beats things into the ground, and overanalyzes everything. Due to their long-winded responses, you start to avoid asking Overcooked PITAs questions because you know it’s going to be 15 minutes before you’ll be able to get back to work.
  • The Mushroom PITA: Just as mushrooms grow best and flourish in the dark, Mushroom PITAs like to keep their coworkers “in the dark” on many topics. They do this out of insecurity and the need for power, since as you know, information is power.
  • The Edgy PITA: Frequently says things that are on the verge of being inappropriate or politically incorrect. Edgy PITAs like to push the envelope on controversial issues and delicate topics such as sex, race, and politics, making you feel uncomfortable being in their company.


Bengal said...

I can't wait to read this book. There should be a lot of examples of people I have worked in my office experiences.

Anonymous said...

Here's another kind of PITA: the PITA-with-chips. This is the coworker who thinks that technology, the more complex the better, is the answer to every problem.

Lori Cates Hand said...

Exactly! Good one... :)

book fan said...

"PITA-with-chips" - nice one - definitely have worked with a few of those.

Might be a stretch, but how about "Free PITA"? The co-worker who spends a 1/4 of their day looking for free food and returns to the open group donut box 4 times.

Bengal said...

I wasn't planning to post again until I have read the book, but the new PITAS from others are pretty amusing - will check back to see others get posted. Sorry I don't have any to add now, but will keep an eye out at my company.

PITA Man said...

Love the new PITA types proposed by dyvingduck and book fan! I agree that there are too many PITA-with-chips out there incorporating technology just because they CAN without asking if they SHOULD! It's not always the right answer. As for the "Free PITA" ... gotta admit that I'm a Free PITA ... always scoping out the free samples at the grocery market and left-over food in the lunchroom at work.