Friday, June 6, 2008

The Seven PITA Types

The PITA Principle presents seven primary types of PITAs:
  • The Sealed PITA: A Closed-off Coworker Who Doesn’t Want Your Feedback
  • The Crusty PITA: A Negative, Grouchy Coworker
  • The Overstuffed PITA: A Full-of-Himself Glory Hound
  • The Soggy PITA: A Needy Whiner
  • The Sloppy PITA: Disorganized and Oblivious
  • The Make-Your-Own (Rigid) PITA: Picky and Inflexible
  • The Royal PITA: A Pampered Prima Donna

Of course, there's always the possibility that your particular PITA is a combination of the preceding types, so we also devote a chapter to the Combo PITA. We end with a chapter of Honorable-Mention PITAs that serves as a bite-sized appetizer menu. (Please feel free to e-mail us at if you have suggestions for new PITA types.)

The PITA Principle gives coping strategies for working effectively with each PITA type--and tips for overcoming these tendencies in yourself.


book fan said...

Does this book feature any characters from my favorite TV show - "The Office"?

Lori Cates Hand said...

Why, yes! Each chapter has a sidebar that illustrates the PITA type with characters from popular movies and TV shows. We've got Angela as a Sealed PITA, Stanley as a Crusty PITA, and of course Michael as an Edgy PITA.

book fan said...

Perfect fits! It looks like the authors did their research. How about Dwight or does he get his own category?

Bengal said...

Who are some of the movie characters?

Lori Cates Hand said...

We classified Dwight as a Mushroom PITA because of the way he's always trying to dominate people and not give them all the information they need.

I think we can all agree that Meg Ryan's character in When Harry Met Sally is the classic Make Your Own PITA (with her dressing on the side and all). And I'm told that Will Ferrell's Chazz Michael Michaels in Blades of Glory is an Overstuffed PITA...

book fan said...

Two excellent movie choices! I will look for more in the book.

How about real business people? I have a feeling I know where Donald Trump would show up.

Lori Cates Hand said...

We didn't include any real people in the book, just to avoid name-calling. But I think you could safely call him an Overstuffed PITA.