Monday, July 14, 2008

PITA Now Available at Amazon

The PITA Principle is now available online from (see here). It shipped from the printer a little earlier than expected. You will be able to find it at major bookstores in August.


Carolyn said...
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Archetype said...


(Sorry about the deleted message, posted with the wrong acct. Silly me.)

- Carolyn K.

book fan said...

Cool. Once I get a copy and read it, I will be back here to see what others have to say about PITAs. There should be some interesting discussions with all the PITAs in the world that we deal with.

Has this blog been promoted in the book?

Lori Cates Hand said...

Carolyn--many thanks! We are so excited about it!

Book Fan--yes, there's a page at the back of the book where we plug the blog. We're hoping to get a lot more visitors here to discuss their PITA problems as a result!