Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The PITAs Made Him Do It

Today more light was shed on the situation of that San Francisco IT guy who was jailed because he wouldn't give anyone the passwords to the city's network. Why did he do it? He says he was "surrounded by incompetents and supervised by a manager who he felt was undermining his work."

So, the question becomes this: Are Mr. Childs' coworkers a bunch of Sloppy PITAs, and his boss is an Overstuffed PITA? Or is Mr. Childs just a Sealed and/or Crusty PITA?

The story goes on to explain that there is a lot of sympathy for him among his coworkers because he is under pressure because his department had suffered cuts and was demoralized.

See the full story here.

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PITA Man said...

In order for something this extreme to occur, my guess is that there were multiple PITA types at play here. And when dealing with difficult coworkers, many employees simply try to avoid them and therefore fail to build open, collaborative, TRUSTING working relationships. Mr. Childs obviously didn't trust his coworkers and supervisor for some reason or another, thus leading to hoarding of the passwords. Trust only is realized when coworkers are willing to let others in (un-seal themselves), treat them with respect (not crust), and don't expect others to take the initiative to make the relationship work (as Royal PITAs do).