Thursday, July 10, 2008

PITAs in the News: Jesse Jackson

This week the Reverend Jesse Jackson was caught muttering nasty sentiments about Barack Obama when he thought his mic was turned off. What a PITA he became for not only his son and Mr. Obama, but also the entire Democratic party!

My instant reaction was that this is classic Crusty behavior: "negative, cynical, mean-spirited, grouchy, and pessimistic." I chatted with Bob Orndorff just now and he added that this is also Sloppy behavior because he wasn't thinking through the consequences of his actions. So he might really be a Combo Crusty/Sloppy PITA.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to deal with a Crusty/Sloppy PITA? And what tips do you have for Jesse to try and avoid being so Crusty and Sloppy in the future?


book fan said...
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book fan said...

Very interesting post!

I think you are right - Jesse has several PITA qualities. If he did your test, "overstuffed" has to be #1. Once he does damage control with Obama and the party, someone needs to make him understand the importance of his words. He keeps showing up in the media so I assume he has a following and can help the democrats.